Banyan Tree Ringha

Set In The Center Of Shangri-la, Yunnan Province And Surrounded By Mountains, The Banyan Tree Ringha Offers A Spectacular Setting, Some 3,200 Meters Above Sea Level, Amid Canyons, Rivers, Plateaus And Valleys. To Get To The Property, Guests Must Take A 40-Minute Flight From Kunming International Airport To Diqing Airport; The Resort Is Approximately 30 Kilometers Away.

With Architecture Reflecting Local Tibetan Culture, The Banyan Tree Ringha Is Comprised Of Lodges That Are Traditional Tibetan Farmhouses. Intricate Wood Carvings And Pine Pillars Festoon The Interior And Exterior Of These Buildings, Which All Have River Or Valley Views. Banyan Tree RinghaOffers An Array Of On- And Off-site Activities. On-property, Guests May Seek Relaxation At The Banyan Tree Spa, An Intimate Retreat Inspired By Sacred Himalayan Beliefs. Typical Services Include The Guishi Hot River-stone Treatment And A Yoga Massage. For Adventures Beyond The Banyan Tree Ringha's Borders, Guests Can Sign Up For Four-wheel Drive Winter Tours Of The Region, Or Go On Winter Treks Via Horseback Or Foot. Monasteries And Behind-the-scenes Tours Of Local Farmhouses Are Among The Destinations And Additional Fees Apply To These Excursions. Guests Will Find Two Dining Venues Serving Local Yunnan Province Specialties, Chinese And Western Fare.

Teak Furnishings, Native Fabrics And Red Walls Combine For A Luxurious Decorative Motif In Guestrooms Here. Private Balconies Bear Scenic Views While Rooms Feature Cable Television, Direct-dial Telephones And Safes.


In days gone by, the Banyan tree provided shelter to weary travellers. Symbolising the relief and comfort provided by nature, we adopted the name for our special group of hotels that stretch across the globe and offer rest and relaxation to the world-weary. With attentive yet discreet service and associates representing more than 50 nationalities, Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts provide naturally-luxurious, ecological, culturally-sensitive experiences.

Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts has grown into one of the world's leading international operators in the hospitality and spa industry that manages more than 40 resorts and hotels, 60 spas, 70 retail galleries and three championship golf courses in 28 countries.


  • 会员7774:第一次住悦榕庄,环境真是好的没话说,有山有水,与自然和谐相融,爬了酒店对面的山,看了散放猪牛,很喜欢,这里适合独处,静休,也适合情侣、家庭。早餐很好吃,因为是一个人来玩,也因季节,所以午餐、晚餐都在房间吃的,味道一般。另外,海拔有点高,好像有3500左右,有高原反应的不建议来,休息不好。
  • 会员4987:孩子们很开心,与自然亲密接触,早起听鸟鸣,还能偶遇兔兔,喜欢房间里面的香氛,感谢服务人员帮我们解决很多问题,连急需的发胶也搞定啦。里面的茶叶密封要改善,泡出来有香料味,在二楼露台喝茶看山是何等惬意的事,一定还要去,看星星,看云卷云舒。
  • 会员3739:藏族风情很浓郁的酒店,据说酒店里的一栋栋藏式小屋都是收购的当地的藏族民居,一块块砖石木料运到这儿重建的,风格和周边村里的藏族民居混然天成,如果不走进去还真是看不出这是一家酒店,每栋小楼上下二层藏式装修非常漂亮,坐在二层的廊子下面白天看风景晚上看星星静静的很有一种世外桃源的感觉。餐饮也不错,服务挺好,工作人员大部分都是当地的藏族同胞很质朴和善,总之是个能体验到香格里拉藏族风情的好住处。最后一张照片是在废墟上重建的独克宗古城也很漂亮哦
  • 会员6861:非常愉悦和特别的一次旅行,完全是为了幽静养身而选择的仁安悦榕,尽管之前有做功课,但色彩浓烈古朴、设施完善体贴的藏舍,淳朴可爱细致的酒店员工,好吃的早晚餐,美丽静谧的河谷风光,仍令我相当的喜欢和满意。离店前才知道美味的青稞饼干可以购买作为手信带给朋友,可惜只剩一盒了。希望下次可以多买一些。谢谢可爱的AMA、COCO,谢谢LUCY。


Banyan Tree Ringha

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Banyan Tree Ringha address: Hongpo Village Xianggelila District Xianggeliladiqing China

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